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Wedding Photographer - Joe Topping

Hi I'm Joe Topping, a wedding photographer in Southport. I photograph weddings and elopements in the UK. My style is creative candid photojournalism, I document your day as it naturally unfolds.

Documentary Wedding Photography

I want your wedding photos to be authentic and real, to remind you of how the day truly was. I will not intrude on the day

I like to focus on the moments. I have very little influence over what is happening, I am essentially an observer with a camera.

I’m there to document your day in all its glory, rain or shine. Laughter, tears, goofy expressions, genuine emotions.

Be free to enjoy your wedding day free of interruption and with posing kept to a minimum!

I currently reside in the sunny seaside town of Southport in the UK, but that doesn’t mean I only photograph weddings in Southport! I am available in The Lake District, Cumbria, Lancashire and all over the north west of England and the UK.

I provide reportage photography that’s unobtrusive and relaxed, telling the story of the day in a documentary way that represents how it really was. Posing is kept to a minimum and I’ll never ask you to do anything you are not comfortable with.

I capture the real thing, genuine emotions, people enjoying themselves, authentic expressions. My reportage approach lets you forget about photography and simply enjoy the day with family and friends.

Joe Topping is a UK wedding photographer specializing in creative candid wedding photojournalism throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

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