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5 things to look for when selecting your wedding photographer

Here are 5 things I think you should consider when choosing your wedding photographer…

#1 - How much do they cost and are there hidden extras?

Wedding photography can cost as much as you are willing to pay or as little, and the price tag doesn’t always indicate how professional a photographer is. I would set a budget based off what you plan to spend on your other suppliers. The financials for a wedding is a big balancing act, you will go back and forth, but generally I’d say the ballpark for a professional wedding photographer is anything upward of £1,000. You can hire a photographer for less, and their ability might match or exceed a more expensive one, its really all comes down to subjective taste. The high tier wedding photographers usually have a style that not many can replicate, but if you don’t like their style then why bother, search around and you will find your ideal photographer.

#2 - What is their photographic style or approach?

There are many different phrases used to describe a photographers style or approach, and a lot of them overlap. The best way to find out what style of photography a wedding photographer has is to simply look at their work. Chances are they will only post images of the photos they enjoy taking, so if you see a lot of camera-aware or posed photos then perhaps that is a sign that they are a more traditional or hands-on wedding photographer. If you see they take a lot of photographs of guests interacting that could be a sign that they are the type of photographer that stays a bit off to the side and documents the wedding as unobtrusively as they can. Sometimes it is a mix of both, and I personally feel this is the best way to be.

#3 - How many images and what kind of images will you receive?

Personally I would not worry too much about the quantity of images as long as the quality is there. Generally speaking, most wedding photographers will deliver between 400 to 800 images for full day coverage of a wedding, however you could get more or a little less, it really depends how much is going on. For example, if people are waiting around and not a lot is going on, your wedding photographer might hold off taking unnecessary photos that don’t add to the story of your day. On the flip-side, if there is a lot going on then your photographer will be taking more photos, and if they have a second-shooter or another photographer is present then you’ll usually get a few more images, it really depends on the day.

#4 - Will they be alone or have an assistant or second-shooter?

Some wedding photographers offer a second-shooter as standard, but their prices are often quite a bit higher. A second photographer is useful for capturing another angle of the events unfolding on your day. If the primary photographer captures an unflattering angle of something happening but the secondary photographer gets a better angle, you can imagine how practical it is to have another photographer. It helps ensure more moments are captured or parts of the day arent missed if there is a ‘back-up’ photographer. 

#5 - What other products or services can they provide?

Some wedding photographers offer multiple wedding packages where you can have a wedding album included, or you can pay for the album separately at a later date. Usually the benefit of going with a package or collection is that it is more expensive to pay ‘a la carte’. I would not worry too much about packages, if the wedding photographer wants your business they will accommodate your request to upgrade should you wish to. The usual wedding photography add-ons are albums, canvas, prints, additional photographers, engagement sessions and things of that nature, usually engagement sessions are included though.

BONUS #6 - What is their personality like?

It helps to get along with your wedding photographer since they will be the only wedding supplier there with you the whole day! This ties into #2, what is their style or approach, are they introverted or extroverted? Find out by suggesting a casual meet-up, go and grab a cup of tea somewhere and see if you are a good fit.

These are only 5 tips to help you select your wedding photographer, there are many other things to consider but hopefully this has given you a better idea of what to look for. If you liked this blog post feel free to leave a nice comment, if there is a topic related to photography that you would like me to cover please feel welcome to leave suggestions. If you have any questions related to my services get in touch.

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