Wedding Photography

Types of wedding photographer

The majority of wedding photographers are a mix of these types –


This was the most popular style of wedding photography in the analogue days. A wedding photographer would have to be conservative with his or her shots, shooting film, and so many of the images are posed. 


Often referred to as photojournalism or documentary wedding photography. This is one of the most popular styles. The goal of a reportage wedding photographer is to capture the day as it naturally unfolds.

Fine Art

This photographic style takes inspiration from fashion and editorial works. Your images will be more about the photographer and his or her vision. It involves artistic portraits with interesting light and unusual angles. 

The cost

How much does a wedding photographer charge?

The average cost of hiring a wedding photographer for the whole day in the UK is £1200 (2020).

There are 3 main cost factors for a wedding photographer – 1.) Location 2.) time spent 3.) deliverables. 

Are you getting married up north but your photographer is based down south? Do you require 2 hour photography coverage for a civil ceremony or 8 hours for a full day of wedding photography? Are you happy with the images on a USB or do you want prints or even an album? These are a few of the things that affect cost.

My friend has offered to photograph my wedding?

How well do you know this friend? Do you really want a close friend to miss out on all the fun of your wedding. Being the wedding photographer is a big responsibility and there is very little down-time. It is mentally and physically exhausting. 

My advice? Hire a wedding photographer but tell them you want them to bring their camera to take some photos. As long as they don’t get in the way of the primary wedding photographer, there should be no issues.

Where are you getting married?

I photograph weddings in Southport, Lancashire, Cumbria and Cheshire

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