Joe Topping

My name is Joe Topping and I’m a photographer based in Southport, England. I have been doing photography for 8 years now, in 2013 I graduated from Blackpool College with a photography degree. I specialise in photographing weddings, portraits and events. 

My style of photography is natural and unobtrusive, I don’t stage or pose my couples very much. I think its more fun to capture the interaction people naturally have. Most of the photos I take are candid, any posed photos you see will have been relaxed suggestions I gave to the couple, then they just did their own thing! I like to keep things casual.

Why did I choose photojournalism? well, I am naturally a quiet person, I don’t like to boss people around. I also believe the best images of people are the ones where they were not aware of the camera. I want your photos to remind you of how the day really went.