My Approach to Photography

How I like to photograph a wedding or event

I’m all about letting people get on with their day as I capture it naturally. I enjoy photographing real moments, photos of people unnaware of the camera are the best. 

Words to describe my photography

Documentary / Photojournalism / Reportage / Story-Telling
Natural / Candid / Relaxed / Unobtrusive /  Not Posed…

My documentary approach at weddings

My approach is to blend in like a guest and not influence anything that would’nt happen naturally. Some photographers like to raise their voice and boss people around, not me!

The group photos are the only time I really step in to direct people (and I do this quickly) so you wont be waiting around for ages! Then its on to the informal portraits. You can read more about my process below.

What inspires me?

I like Verite and documentary-style film-making that aims to tell stories truthfully. My goal is to photograph people objectively in a reportage style. Any posed photos are taken in a natural and informal relaxed way. One of my favorite movies is Baraka – a documentary film with no narrative or voice-over (BBC’s Planet Earth is sorta similar).

My favourite photographer?
Old: Robert Capa
New: Joey Lawrence

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