I don’t usually do this, but here goes… With so many great photographers out there, how do you choose your wedding photography? Here are a few things to consider:

1 - What style of photography do you like?

There are two main styles: Traditional and Non-Traditional. The most popular style at the moment is called ‘documentary wedding photography’, which is often a combination of the two. Traditional wedding photographers tend to pose and stage moments more, whilst documentary or reportage photographers usually stay out of the way and capture natural moments that happen on their own.

2 - Where are they based?

Your wedding photographer should show up an hour before he/she is scheduled to start. If your ideal wedding photographer is based many miles from your chosen wedding venue, consider having them stay at a hotel nearby. Where your photographer is based may impact how late they can stay during the reception.

3 - What are they like personally?

Wedding photographers are the only vendor or supplier that will be with you the entire wedding day, so having somebody you can get along with is important. Their personality often dictates their photographic style, extroverts usually get up-close and personal whilst the more introverted photographer will photograph from afar.

4 - What is included in their pricing?

Do you know exactly what you are getting? Some wedding photographers charge for the ‘service’ of photography and then charge again for the ‘product’ / images. Look for ‘all inclusive’ packages and ask them to define what you will receive so there is no confusion.

5 - Other considerations:

Take a look at the photographers work, make your decision based off what they show, not what they say. There are photographers who claim to be unobtrusive but showcase photographs where they have clearly used a wide angle lense and been very close to the subjects face. There are ‘buzz words’ photographers will use to increase their visibility in the search engines, not all do what they claim.

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