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Relaxed Photoshoots
I offer 'engagement shoots' but you don't have to be engaged to have one! It consists of basically hanging out for an hour and taking super relaxed photos of you being yourselves!
If you'd like some nice photos taken of you and your partner, send me a message! It wont cost an arm and a leg, and I promise no cheesy poses. My portrait sessions usually last 30-60 minutes.
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Reasons why you should consider a couples photoshoot before getting married

  • You can dress however you like
  • The photoshoot locations are limitless
  • You get to practice poses before the big day
  • You can plan around time of day and weather 
  • You have photos of yourselves before marriage
  • You can use the images for your invite cards

Not a fan of posing? no worries. I have a list of easy to follow couples poses to guide you.

You can practice them at home, print them out on the day or simply go with the flow.

Either way, you won’t be left standing there expected to perform, I will guide you the best I can and keep things nice and relaxed.

If you are looking for a photographer that takes more posed or stylised portraits, I might not be the right photographer for you. I have a page on the different types of wedding photography styles that may be of some value to you.