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I offer photography for small weddings and elopements in the UK

Reasons to have a small wedding


Its easier to plan a small wedding, there are less things to worry about and usually less things will go wrong.  We find guests tend to have a lot more fun at smaller weddings, everyone just seems to bond better and get to know each-other more when its a small group. The guest-list can be a tricky thing though, will you upset people by leaving them off the guest list? probably! there is bound to be some drama regarding who was invited and who was not, it happens.

Having a small intimate wedding is a great excuse to thin out the guest-list and only invite your closest family and friends. If you tell your friends its a small wedding, im sure they will understand and will not take it personally. If they had to plan a wedding they would understand…

Less Stress

Fewer guests means less stress, and fewer distractions, you can truly be yourself and focus more of your energy on your partner and families. . You can have amazing details without the hefty price tag, as you will be paying for less heads. With large weddings couples are often limited by what place cards and gift bags they can afford to get everyone. Fewer people are easier to manage, imagine the time it takes to get 20 people ushered somewhere and then imagine 100 more…


Perhaps you don’t like the idea of being on display for hundreds of people, small weddings are ideal for introverts. You will remember more of your wedding day when there is less for your brain to process. There is nothing to stop you having a get-together with friends after the wedding to celebrate your marriage, it will be much cheaper too!

How to elope in the UK

First, choose your elopement venue, then book a registrar and then additional services. 
Give notice at your local registrar office at least 5 weeks before the wedding, then choose your elopement venue.

Here are a few small wedding venues that immediately come to mind: Gretna Green, Scotland, this one is very popular among those looking to elope in the UK. Cherrytrees kelso, is also in Scotland and is a lovely venue. A local wedding venue near me that has very positive reviews is Meols Hall, Southport, they accommodate small weddings of 50 guests.

Over the last decade, I have noticed elopement weddings increase in popularity and small intimate weddings are on the rise. Now more than ever, couples are opting for a more natural and low-key approach to celebrating their love for one other.

Elopements are typically cheaper than traditional weddings and tend to be more memorable, some of the best things in life are free (or cheap). As time goes on, more couples seem to be opting for more personalized and private events, only inviting their closest friends and family.

There is nothing to stop you celebrating your marriage with extended family and friends another day. Sure, you may upset a few people but the times are changing, and at the end of the day it’s your wedding, your choice. If you are the type of person who is perhaps introverted or doesn’t like the idea of a hundred eyes watching you, an elopement wedding may just be what you are looking for. 

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