Location: Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Here is an quick example of how I process my images. 

I know the effect is only subtle but I over the years I have found ‘less is more’ – You can always add effects onto a clean image, but its much harder to clean up an image that has been heavily processed.

My main goal when editing is consistency and colour accuracy, and so I edit on a colour callibrated monitor. Since I photograph things as they are, and try to process my images similarly but in a ‘retro’ way.

Do I give away the RAW photos?

I do not. Why would you even need them? I spend hours processing the your photos in my signature style and I feel it is part of my service to you as a photographer. Photography is a 2 part process, capture and development. 

Would you walk into a restaurant and ask for the ingredients to cook at home? (I know, that is a silly analogy). If you want a couple of them to play around with then maybe! but I certainly don’t deliver all the raws, its just not something I want to do and I don’t know many photographers who do either.

That said, I understand some people want to be able to edit their photos to share on social media, and you can! just use the jpegs I provide. The tone adjustments I make are only subtle, any presets you want to apply should work just fine, they might even look better 😉 

Something else to note: There is only so far you can process an image before it starts to look ‘edited’. You can’t make a dark and moody photo look light and airy, and you cant make a light and airy photo look dark and moody. It call comes down to the ingredients.