My Photographic Style

My Shooting Style

I try to capture scenes as they actually were on the day, without use of artificial light. Sometimes this means compromising a bit of image quality in order to represent the environment accurately. For example: if I shot a wedding where there was only tungsten bulbs luminating the room, I’d keep the edit slightly warm, as that is what people would have seen and remembered on the day. Another example is when a room is dark, I will often under-expose just a little bit to represent what was seen by the human eye. 

Do you use flash? I typically only use flash if its absolutely necessary, or if I think it will add something to the image. I’ll often use flash when a room is simply too dark to capture motion (if increasing ISO would add too much noise/grain). Another time I may use flash is for creative purposes such as subject isolation during portraits. Note: I rarely use flash head-on, its usually bounced off a wall to diffuse it and help compliment the existing light in the room. By using a low power on the flash, I am less intrusive and can bring more of the ambient light in.

My Editing Style

My style of processing is quite similar to a lot of other photographers. The goal is to create images that look modern and stylish but also timeless. I don’t add any crazy filters after applying my custom preset, blacks are kept black, whites are kept white, colour hues are only shifted ever so slightly. When it comes to editing images; ‘less is more’, you can always add a filter on top of a neutral edit, but its much harder to reverse the process and create a neutral edit from an image that already has been processed. 

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