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What different types of wedding photography is there?

Documentary Style

My approach to photographing a wedding is photo-journalistic, this is also known as reportage and documentary wedding photography.

This is essentially candid, relaxed and somewhat fly on the wall. I try to be quiet and unobtrusive, especially during the ceremony, and I avoid using flash photography whenever possible. With this natural wedding photography style, you can truly enjoy every moment of your wedding day with minimal distraction or interruption.

We capture moments of your wedding day without inference, documenting your special day as the events unfold. We don’t interrupt you or your guests and ask people to smile and look at the camera. Outside of the standard formal group family photos, we don’t set up shots, we photograph real moments.

Every wedding is unique. There is no magic formula or shot list that can prepare you for a wedding, and nor should there be. The best documentary wedding photos are waiting to be made around every corner. With experience you notice patterns which help you predict certain moments, but a lot of it comes down to being in the right place and waiting for the shot. 

We do not instruct or pose our couples unless they specifically ask. You, your family and your friends all have different and very unique personalities, we want to photograph the real you.

Why I chose wedding photojournalism: I am an introvert, maybe you are too, and perhaps that is what led you to search for documentary style wedding photography. Not everyone likes posing for the camera, which I respect, and not everyone wants a photographer who will ask you to do a bunch of posed shots and control the flow of your day.

Why you should hire a professional wedding photographer: Weddings are notoriously difficult to photograph. Your photographer needs to know his equipment in and out, and be able to deal with difficult lighting and varying weather conditions among many other things.

My approach: I try to put myself in the mind of your future grandchildren, imagine they are viewing grandmas wedding photos for the first time, trying to figure out what kind of person she was and what her wedding day was like. 

I like to shoot weddings in a story-telling way to give my couples the ability to relive their wedding day how it truly was. Some photos will be staged and there will be a few artistic detail shots in there but ultimately I try to just capture the emotions and energy that is present without getting in the way too much. 

Above all, I want you and your guests to enjoy the day and not notice me too much, and so my approach is quite casual and be a fly on the wall.

Candid & Natural Style

I love to document weddings with a natural and candid approach. I love taking photos of my couples and their guests simply interacting with one-another and I typically don’t influence the day very much. You will notice this from the way I direct or pose couples during their engagement shoot, I much rather capture who they are as a couple. 

Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera so I do offer guidance along the way to try and make my couples feel more comfortable. I do not set up many shots but if I do I try to make them appear as candid and natural as possible.

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