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Elopements in the UK

In England, a legal prerequisite of religious marriage is the “reading of the banns”—for the three Sundays prior to the intended date of the ceremony, the names of every couple intending marriage has to be read aloud by the priest(s) of their parish(es) of residence, or the posting of a ‘Notice of Intent to Marry’ in the registry office for civil ceremonies. The intention of this is to prevent bigamy or other unlawful marriages by giving fair warning to anybody who might have a legal right to object. – Wiki

What is an elopement?

According to Wikipedia, an elopement is often used to refer to a marriage conducted in sudden and secretive fashion. It used to be that a couple would marry without the permission of their parents and then tell them after, but modern 

How do you elope?

For UK elopements it is necessary to get a special licence from the Archbishop of Canterbury—or to flee somewhere this law does not apply; across the border to Gretna Green in Scotland, for instance.

For civil marriages notices must be posted for 28 clear days, at the appropriate register office

Why do people choose to elope?

The choice of eloping instead of having a regular wedding is the opportunity to really focus on intimate, intentional moments during the wedding day.

UK Elopement photography

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