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Here are 3 genres of the main wedding photography styles every bride and groom should know. 


This was the most popular style of wedding photography back in the old film days. This style is slightly more formal and portraits of subjects are often looking at the camera.

Although my photography coverage is mostly un-staged, I do take the odd posed shot if asked to.


This is probably the most popular style of wedding photography. Couples are more relaxed, as the photographer captures the day as it naturally unfolds. 

My style of photography is often referred to as ‘documentary wedding photography’ which is basically wedding photojournalistic, and has fewer posed photos.

Fine Art

This photographic style takes inspiration from fashion and editorial works. Photographers with this style generally charge a bit more as you are paying for their unique artistic vision.


Some photographers are now offering short videos along with their photography. Expect to pay a little bit more for this service as it takes a little bit longer to edit video.