Frequently asked questions

If I’m available then I will treat it like a normal booking and be happy to pay off some bills!

Let me know the date you are getting married and I’ll let you know if I am available.

To secure your wedding date I ask 25% of the total amount owed.

The remaining 75% is due no later than 30 days prior to your wedding date.

It usually takes me between 2-3 weeks to edit a wedding, once done I’ll deliver them to you via USB.

None, unless you wish to purchase a second photographer, prints, or an album, there are no extra costs.

My main areas of coverage are Lancashire, Cumbria and Cheshire. If you’d like to hire me to photograph your wedding elsewhere, get in touch to discuss the logistics.

Other Questions:

The amount is fixed to whatever my pricing was at the time of booking, don’t worry.

Part of my service is culling through hundreds of images and taking out duplicates and technically incorrect images. I don’t usually include blurry photos unless they elicit a positive response or there are no alternatives.

I usually deliver around 400 images for a full day, and 200 for half-day weddings. That number could be much higher, it depends what happens on the day.

Yes, if you like we can do a practice shoot before the big day (within 15 miles of Southport).

I don’t really have a number for this, but generally 25 edited images are typical for a 1hr pre-shoot. The amount of photos really depends on what happens on the day.

Of course, I would be honored if you used my images for your save the date cards.

People have many definitions for it, ultimately it is a marketing word. For me it stands for natural, candid and unobtrusive. 

No problem, I don’t use flash during the ceremony as it can be distracting.

Yes, every photograph you receive will have been inspected and edited individually. I correct white-balance, exposure, crop and apply my signature toning.

Yes, I will always be there, sometimes with an assistant or second photographer if you have requested one.

That is ultimately up to you, but I would recommend at least half an hour.


Again, this is up to you, sometimes it is easier to get the family photos done early, that way you get to enjoy cocktail hour uninterrupted.


I don’t mind at all, as long as they don’t obstruct me in an obvious way, it should be fine, the more the merrier!


I think it would be nice to have a ceremony where nobody had their iPhone out, but its not realistic.


I usually try to get all my editing done within 3 weeks post wedding.