Popular wedding themes 2018

There are two main types of weddings, civil and religious, but when it comes to styles of weddings or the types of weddings in regards to themes, there are many! Here are a few to consider…


These types of weddings encompass many natural elements and terms such as boho, vintage and diy are often used to describe them as many elements are handmade. 

This is a popular option for couples who love the outdoors. Fancy the idea of getting married in a barn? from a photography standpoint, rustic weddings make high impact standout images. 

The red and orange tones from natural elements contrast nicely against rolling green countryside, your images will naturally pop. 

When it comes to wedding decorations, why not do your bit for the planet and use reusable details such as wooden pallets, hay bales, paper bunting, etc. 

Consider supporting local farmers with your meal options and use recycleable paper invites and place settings. 

A reusable chalk board outlining the days events can be a nice touch. 

For confetti consider using dried petals, or if the venue does not allow it blowing bubbles can be a nice alternative too.


sometimes the best wedding venue is what you make of it. Industrial weddings are relatively new but slowly gaining popularity. 

Like rustic weddings, they are versatile, but instead of warm they offer a colder feel as the name probably suggests. 

It is usual to decorate metalic elements, or even stylize things like glass or plates to look metal with silver and gold metallic paint. 

This wedding theme works in almost any venue, sometimes even the ‘worse’ a venue looks, the better, offering a post-apocalyptic feel.

 I can see industrial weddings gain in popularity as minimalism becomes more and more mainstream. I always feel like white walls make them seem like an art exhibition.


This is probably the most common type of wedding you will see. Often associated with royalty and grandure, held in hotels, ballrooms and conference halls.


Tepee weddings are trendy and well worth considering if you don’t mind the extra planning.

 You’ll have to hire out a field and set everything up, but at least you get to decide the location. This is useful if you have guests invited from all over the UK. 

Wow your guests with fireworks and hire multiple bands to play throughout your reception to make your wedding feel like a festival.

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