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5 Reasons to get Married in Winter

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some people just don’t like hot weather, there are those who actually love the rain and cold.

People who are very pale, heavy-set or nervous sweaters may struggle with the heat.

There are many big sports games that play in summer, potentially distracting your guests.

Wedding venues in England don’t always have air conditioning, opening windows or doors invites insects.

In winter the weather is generally more predictable, in the UK rain is almost always a 50/50 chance.

Overcast skies may look grim, but they diffuse sunlight to make very flattering photos.

TIP – check if venue has weather emergency clause or policy if guests cannot make it due to weather.

IDEA – why not set out some blankets with the sign reading ‘to have and to hold, incase you get cold’.

In winter you can always add more layers to get warm, it can be harder to stay cool in summer.


Wedding venues are usually already decorated for christmas, which means less planning and reduced costs. Add a few touches of gold and silver, maybe a few candles, there are lots of recycleable decorative options like pinecones and wood pallets that often match the deep tones of winter wedding theme colours.

Be sure to ask a florist what options are available in winter.

Winter weddings can cost almost half as a regular summer wedding, and a quarter less than an autumn wedding.

If you have large families it may be worth considering an off-season wedding to save money.

In winter, wedding suppliers will often discount their rates and wedding venue minimum guest capacity is also sometimes lower, perfect for small or intimate wedding.

Winter weddings are great if you want to spend a little bit extra on your dream wedding venue or photographer.


Consider long dresses for bridesmaids if you want photos taken outdoors, you don’t want them freezing. wear shawls. maybe able to wear leggings underneath. Long sleeve dresses will be appreciated.

If you are an outdoorsy type, show it off, dress practically and wear snow boots under your dress.

It is far more comfortable for the groom to wear a three piece suit in winter or autumn than it is in summer.


A snowy landscape in the background of photos will look amazing.

Moody colour palletes of deep reds and purples have a warming effect. Consider rustic wedding venues, bare brick walls and wooden beems are naturally inviting and their warm tones compliment the cold to comfort guests.

Depending on which winter month you decide to tie the knot, candles, fairy lights, and christmas decorations all look great in photos.

Make sure the venue is bright enough indoors, as there is a high chance the majority of your photos will be taken inside. If the venue is dark, consider hiring lighting, otherwise your photographer may need to use a lot of flash photography.

Check the venues interior features, for example ballrooms and libraries look great as backdrops for photos.


Want to show off to friends and family? compete on the most comfortable and intimate wedding, not the most fancy one. Winter weddings are different and sure to be memorable.

Winter is a popular time for people to start dating or get engaged. Some may like the idea of their wedding lining up with their dating or engagement anniversary.

I don’t think this needs to be stated, but we all know winter has a cozy and romantic feel.


If the weather is bad, this may cause trouble for guests, especially those who are elderly or living far away.

Your guests may have planned to take a holiday in the summer, or even been asked to attend another wedding.

Popular venues are often booked early in summer, sometimes even two years in advance.

Consider your wedding colour palette, for example red is popular in winter and may not fit a summer wedding.

Not all flowers are available in winter, so it may be difficult to find flowers that match your colour theme.

Seasonal Options

There are different drink and meal options available. Fancy hot chocolate? that would seem a bit odd in summer.

Different songs are appropriate, think ‘all i want for christmas is you’ and other romantic christmas jingles.

Consider a winter honeymoon in europe, ski in the alps, witness the northern lights in arctic norway and much more.

Other food and drink ideas: mulled cider, fruit and nut cake, marshmellows infront of a roaring fire. For more ideas, head over to pinterest and search ‘winter wedding’or ‘winter wedding ideas’ for more inspiration.


For those who got engaged in winter, so this gives you more time to plan your wedding.

TIP – keep the wedding all in one location if travel is a major issue. keep time between ceremony and reception as short as possible so people arent standing around in the cold. if reception is 30minute drive from the ceremony, that could take longer in the snow.

TIP – consider sun set time, usually around 4pm, when will you want the formal photos or creative couple shots. you might have to take the photos indoors.

TIP – a ‘first look’ should be considered, as sun sets early, you might want to get the group family photos done first, then there is no guests waiting around in the cold.

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